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Make Friends with Your Freezer: Calculate Your Food Waste

Food waste: an overview

70% of people buy more fresh food than they need to on BOGOF (buy one get one free) deals only to freeze it and often ultimately throw it away causing unnecessary food waste, according to research conducted exclusively for Fresh from the Freezer.

In the first of our four part ‘Make Friends with Your Freezer’ campaign, we look at how much people are wasting by buying too much fresh and chilled food only to freeze it and eventually throw it away down the line.77% of people involved in the research, which looked at the shopping and freezing habits of families with at least one child, said that they frequently freeze fresh food because they can’t eat it all within the use by dates.

Similarly 61% of shoppers ended up freezing food at home because they don’t eat as much as they thought they would. In fact, a staggering 78% of people claim to regularly freeze fresh food at home.

However, this means that shoppers aren’t getting the most out of their food as they can never achieve the same high quality freezing at home as they can by buying frozen food.

Over the coming months we’ll look at why people choose to freeze at home, how much of this food ends up in the bin and how a better relationship with the freezer can help families to cut back on wasting food and money.

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