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Make Friends with Your Freezer: Freezing from Fresh

Four out of ten British shoppers throw perfectly good food away because they can’t remember what it is, according independent research commissioned exclusively by Fresh from the Freezer.

78% of people admitted to freezing food they’d bought fresh or chilled – often because they bought more than they needed – much of this food ultimately ended up in the bin. A massive 62% of these people throw away food that they’ve frozen from fresh or chilled because it no-longer looks appetizing.

The research, which quizzed the main family shopper on their home freezing habits, also showed that almost 3 in 5 people throw frozen from fresh food out because they can’t remember how long they’ve had it for.

In addition, 58% admitted that they throw this food away because they don’t clearly label it with product details and use by or purchase dates. Similarly, 44% remove packaging on fresh or chilled products to save on freezer space.

By heading directly to the frozen aisle in store, shoppers can ensure the highest possible quality from the food in their freezer. Commercially frozen food is ‘quick frozen’, this prevents ice crystals forming in the product, maintaining the best possible quality and texture – something that just isn’t possible in the home freezer.

Similarly, frozen food is specifically designed to be stored in your freezer which can help avoid the ‘guess what’s in the Tupperware’ uncertainty. Its packaging and labeling is designed to help keep food in optimal condition and make use by dates and cooking instructions clear and easy to follow.

To find out more about get the best from your freezer read our facts about frozen page.



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