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Let’s be candid, frozen food has a bit of a bad rep. While the frozen food category includes thousands of different products from farm-fresh vegetables to luxury organic ice cream, the first things that springs to most people’s mind when frozen food is mentioned are breadcrumb-coated products aimed at children. But there is so much more to know!

Along with the incredibly tasty products that you’ll only find in freezer cabinets,

buying frozen

can help you to:

With our busy lives many of us take it for granted, but did you realise buying and eating more frozen food could help revolutionise the way you eat?

Great value!

It generally costs less than chilled and because you only use what you need: every penny you spend on frozen food goes on your plate.


It’s always on hand, ready for your busy lifestyle whenever you need it. Plus lots of frozen food can be quickly cooked straight from your freezer.

Planet friendly!

It is an eco-powerhouse: freezing keeps food fresher for longer so there’s less waste and less packaging so you can eat sustainable food all year round.

Good for you!

Freezing food locks in freshness and nutrients for longer, whilst short-shelf-life chilled food goes off losing nutrients and quality in a matter of days.

British Food Federation

Frozen Food Week and The Frozen Food Revolution website have been created by The British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF), the UK’s frozen food trade association. With over 200 members covering food manufacturers, retailers and logistics companies, the BFFF’s main job is to support and promote the frozen food industry.

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