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Make Friends with Your Freezer: Freezer Treasure Chest

Freezing is one of the oldest and most effective forms of food preservation. From as far back as 3,000 BC in ancient China all the way through to modern day, freezing has helped to reduce food waste and extend food’s shelf life.

The first domestic freezers were available in the 1950’s and were very much a luxury product. Nowadays freezers can be found in the majority of homes and our seen as a necessity for most people.

Recently, we conducted a survey, though, to find out how people were using their freezers to store their food, and the results were very interesting.

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Nearly 50% of shoppers in the UK have at least £75 worth of food stored in their freezer yet still purchase fresh food regularly says research exclusive to Fresh from the Freezer.

As part of our ‘Make Friends with Your Freezer’ campaign – we asked shoppers to estimate the average value of their freezer contents. A staggering 24% said theirs contained at least £100 worth of uneaten food.

As the nation continues to scrimp and save to buy food, many of us are repeatedly purchasing fresh food weekly and monthly only to put it in the freezer and ultimately throw it away.

82% of respondents in the research, which spoke to main family shoppers, said that they buy fresh meat at least monthly and 83% said that they bought fresh poultry at least monthly. This is despite shoppers having an average of 24 items in their freezer.

With 63% of people estimating between 11 and 30 items in their freezer, the big white box can be somewhat of a treasure chest if used well.

By making use of the meals hidden away in the freezer, families can save on trips to the supermarket and instead regularly stock up on frozen food which will stay fresh and maintain its high quality in the freezer without getting lost in a sea of unidentifiable frozen from fresh food.


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