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Meet the Financial Expert, Cesarina Holm-Kander

Top tips from financial expert Cesarina Holm-Kander

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Cesarina Holm-Kander, respected financial expert, puts a wealth of experience at your disposal to help you make the most of your household budget…

Well-known from prime-time TV series like ‘Working Wonders’ and ‘Your Money or Your Wife’, Cesarina has a reputation for helping cash-strapped people bring real improvements to their quality of life – simply by handling their personal finances better. She believes passionately that ‘hard times’ offer a great opportunity to re-evaluate priorities, and that those who adopt a thrifty lifestyle can discover new freedoms and new perspectives – not to mention the satisfaction of beating the system! As a respected financial analyst equally at home with business issues and the concerns of private consumers, Cesarina is ideally placed to help you make the best of your household budget.

Below is her guide to understanding why the economy is changing and with is the prices of daily services and products we all use. She has some top tips on how to combat these and get the most out of your money.

The Cost of Food – Understanding Price Rises

We’ve also included some easy meal suggestions for making your food-spend go further. Eating in is the new eating out, so follow our simple tips to creating the ultimate dining experience at home; all with frozen!

Eating In is the New Eating Out








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