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Eating In Is The New Eating Out

Eating in is easy with frozen

If you’re looking to save money by eating in but don’t want to get stuck in the kitchen then our new gourmet ‘fast food’ meals are perfect for you.

Getting together with friends and family is often at the top of everyone’s agenda and using frozen food can help in many ways. Not only does frozen have locked in nutrients and freshness but it is also portion controlled (meaning you only use what you need – minimising waste) making it great value for money. So if you’re in a party mood, sample and serve up these delicious and convenient meal ideas featuring frozen!

Eating In


Have some fun with this one. Buy frozen pizza bases – available from most supermarkets – and create your own pizza! For a simple magherita, buy some tomato sauce, basil and mozzarella and grill for 10 minutes – it’s simple and extremely tasty!

Children will love to create their own pizzas. Buy healthy ingredients like courgettes, tomatoes, mushrooms and sweet corn and give your child free rein to design their own pizza. Smiley faces are always popular!

If you are having a BBQ or garden party, pizzas are great as a vegetarian option or as an appetiser. Try ingredients like:

  • Goats cheese and frozen chorizo with coriander
  • Frozen tiger prawns with cockles and green Tabasco sauce
  • Blue cheese and frozen stem artichokes

Remember you can use BBQ sauce as a base as well as tomato and pizzas left to cool are a great snack the next day or a treat for the children’s lunchboxes.

Hamburgers and cheeseburgers

For gourmet burgers made just the way you like them, try frozen cheeseburgers for a quick, filling meal the whole family will enjoy.

Defrost frozen burgers and pan-fry on a high heat for two minutes on each side and finish in the oven or on the BBQ for five minutes.

Meanwhile, take frozen part-baked ciabatta rolls and toast on one side under the grill. Add slices of fresh tomato, rocket and red onion. To make this extra-special add a blue cheese (i.e. Dolce latté, Roquefort, St Agur, Stilton) and slices of grilled smoked streaky bacon.

Lower fat options: veggie and fish

Try using frozen breaded turkey, chicken or cod steaks or breasts for a lower fat option. Vegetarians could use a frozen vegetarian nut or Quorn burger. Add onion, pickled and sliced jalapeno peppers, sun dried tomatoes and watercress.




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