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Eating Frozen Every Day

Cook with frozen ingredients all day every day

Cooking with frozen ingredients can be really simple and saves time, waste and money. A lot of people tend to head to the freezer for their evening meal but don’t think about it for breakfast, lunch and snacks, so we’ve put together our favourite tips and recipes so that you can find an option from the freezer at every meal time.


The most important meal of the day, from smoothies to a weekend treat, frozen ingredients can help you kick start your day the right way. At Fresh from the Freezer we love packing lots of fruit into our breakfasts, using frozen fruits, mixed with natural yoghurt and a drizzle of honey is delicious on its own or if you’d prefer, blend it all together for an on-the-go smoothie! Our Frozen Fruit Breakfast Smoothie, is a must and it even has some mixed seeds in it for an extra crunch and nutrition.

At the weekend there’s sometimes more time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Try our tasty Eggs Benedict recipe or have a look at Slummy Single Mummy’s Black Forest Breakfast Oats recipe for a truly rich breakfast with macadamia nuts, frozen cherries and chocolate milk?

frozen every day


Lunch prep is essential for maintaining a well-balanced diet. The work place can be a nightmare with biscuits tins and cakes surrounding you, but if you’ve got a tasty lunch waiting for you the temptation isn’t as bad. Our favourite salad recipes include the BigFish Brand Thai Salmon Salad which has a kick of chopped red chillies and the Riverside Foods Chicken Salad which is served with nuts and seeds.

frozen every day

Or why not try one of our soup recipes which can easily be made in advance and reheated at lunch time with a chunk of crusty bread. Try the Carrot and Coriander or why not go for the Butternut Squash soup with coconut, chilli and garlic – tasty and puts you well on your way to 5 a day!


Feeding the family a delicious home cooked meal after a long day can be a challenge but using frozen ingredients means you can buy items pre-chopped, or de-boned and only use much as you need. Our Spanish Rice & Prawn One-pot uses frozen prawns, onions, peppers and garlic and only takes five minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to cook. Or why not go for our Chicken Hot Pot with garlic and basil and serve with vegetables and potatoes?

For a veggie option try our Spinach Pie and serve with salad – if you’re lucky enough there might be some you can reheat for lunch the day after.

frozen every day


A few snacks to keep you going throughout the day can make sure you don’t go searching for the work biscuit tin or heading for crisps out of the cupboard. Why not try making a guacamole out of frozen avocados and serve with pitta bread or carrot sticks? Or make our Super-Food Green Detox Smoothie to give you a boost before a work out or gym class which is packed full with kale and spinach.

You could also make a weekend treat of Jacket Potato Skins with Sour Cream Dip or Jenny Leonard’s Curry Pasties which can be prepared in advance and put in a container for a picnic this summer!

frozen every day

If you’re still struggling when cooking with frozen ingredients then take a look at our beginners guide for all the hints and tips you’ll need and if you’d like to see what other recipes we have then take a look at the recipe section of our website!




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