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Beginner’s guide to cooking with frozen

Get to grips with cooking with a little help from frozen!

Here at Fresh from the Freezer, we believe that cooking is for everyone, no matter the skill level. We have a range of recipes and top tips suitable for everyone from the esteemed dinner party host, to a brand new beginner. And today we’re going to focus on the beginners!

If you don’t know where to start or haven’t spent much time in the kitchen, cooking a full meal can seem like a daunting task. But with frozen it doesn’t have to be. We have pulled together a selection of top tips and helpful recipes to give you short cuts to cooking a range of tasty meals that you’ll be confident cooking and more importantly, eating!

Start simple

Frozen offers a range of pre-prepared ingredients and products that you can cook with little or no extra prep, then simply personalise them with your own additions to create a tasty meal.

This chicken salsa wrap is a great way to get you started. Taking the chicken goujons as a base ingredient, these can be deep fried straight from the freezer with no mess or fuss, while you add your own salad, sauces and veg accompaniments.

This recipe suggests a homemade salsa full of flavour and packed with nutrients, but products such as chicken goujons are flexible enough to put alongside a range of sides to suit all tastes – they’re also speedy to cook too!

Here’s our chunky chicken salsa wrap recipe:

guide to cooking

Don’t be afraid to take a short cut

The range of frozen food available is becoming vast, with everything from mashed potato to herbs pre-prepared and frozen. So use this to your advantage, if you’re nervous about cooking or preparing certain items, maybe something like fish, then frozen portions are great as they have a specific cooking time and need no prior preparation.

A great family recipe using mainly frozen ingredients is this family fish pie. Using frozen fish, peas and mashed potatoes saves a huge amount of prep and cooking time to create a really tasty nutritious dish.

This recipe also uses frozen dill, which a lot of people don’t know you can buy frozen. Frozen herbs are readily available and a great way of adding flavour to your dish. You can simply take however much you need out of the freezer and leave the rest for another day, saving waste on fresh herbs that eventually wilt and go to waste.

Here’s the full recipe:


Build your confidence and get creative

Once you’ve tried and tested a few recipes that you feel confident with, the world is your oyster! There’s such a huge range of frozen foods, from pre-prepared products to individual ingredients, the possibilities are endless.

Don’t forget about products you might not necessarily associate with frozen too! Pastry is a great one to always have in the freezer for a quick pie top or this delicious salmon en croute. Keeping a range of pre-sliced veg in your freezer cuts down hugely on prep time and is a great way of getting extra veg into your diet – if they’re sat waiting in the freezer, you’re more likely to chuck them in a range of dishes! This sweet potato cottage pie is a great one for when you’re raiding the freezer for a quick and easy mid-week meal.

guide to cooking

There’s so much you can do with frozen food, so don’t be scared of it! Take your time and practice some easy recipes until you’ve built up your confidence and your repertoire. You’ll be a whizz in the kitchen in no time!

Find a range of recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner, here:



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