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Why frozen food will keep you healthy and save you money

Over the last few months I have been keeping a close eye on my diet and trying out different foods that will hopefully assist me in becoming healthier. I have cut out a lot of junk food and I’ve really started to look at what I’m eating and how it affects me.

For starters, a few months back, I wrote a blog post for Fresh from the Freezer about how I’d recently come back from a short break and, after a little bit of over indulging, my weight had increased. I spoke of how I then looked at my diet and one of the things I started to do was have a frozen fruit smoothie in the morning.

After just a month I started to feel the benefits. I cut out the usual toast with jam or honey that wasn’t very nutritious or filling and I had a frozen fruit smoothie instead. It gave me so much more energy and I stopped having that mid-morning snack.

I started introducing other frozen foods into my diet as well. For lunch I would buy frozen chicken breasts (a lot cheaper than fresh) and cook these with frozen vegetables like broccoli, carrots or spinach. It does take a little longer to prepare but one way I got around this was to cook the chicken the night before and then it was just a case of cooking the frozen vegetables which take less than 10 minutes.

From a nutritional point of view, I’m certainly getting my 5 A Day and according to a study conducted by the British Institute of Food Research, certain frozen food products are better for you than their fresh equivalent.

I’m also not that patient when it comes to preparing food. In the past I would have reached to the pizza takeaway menu when I’d either had a long day or not felt in the mood for cooking. But by being more sensible with my money, and paying more attention to the quality and nutrition of the food my family eat, we are using more frozen food.

It is as quick, or quicker, than ordering in and I can now grab something from the freezer, with a very small amount of preparation and stick it in the oven for a tasty meal or snack.

Introducing more frozen food into my family’s diet has really been a revolution. Not only are we eating more healthily but we’re saving money in the process. The fresh fruit and vegetables that would once have gone off have disappeared because we’ve swapped for frozen. This alone is a money saver.

The conclusion I have come to is that adding frozen food to my diet has been a major factor in my path to becoming healthier and saving money.



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