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What Claire Baked: Frozen Food Is Good Food!

Recently I was asked by the team at Fresh from the Freezer to create a dish primarily made from frozen food.  I have to confess, this dish does need a couple of standard store cupboard ingredients for completion, but the main bulk is made from items out of the freezer.

Fish was the dish of the day for me… I know lots of people who would turn their nose up at eating frozen fish.  This isn’t the cheap processed type in batter.  We are talking about lovely, white cod that flakes beautifully after 25 minutes in the oven.  Frozen food has huge benefits.  I was able to rustle up this little number one night after work when I didn’t have a clue what to eat for dinner.

This dish was designed for two, but could easily be doubled up to feed a family of four.



The great bonus about this dish – it’s made with hidden vegetables.  At first, I added the vegetables to the tomato sauce.  It didn’t look too appealing, so I stuck the sauce in a blender with some olive oil to create a smooth sauce.  If any of you have children who were like me as a child, vegetables were a no go area.  For years I wouldn’t eat anything apart from peas or carrots. Little monsters won’t even know there’s vegetables in this dish!

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Lastly, this is a great dinner for those on a health kick.  The fish is lean, good for you and baked, not fried.  The sauce is packed with vitamins and you could swap white rice for brown, if you are being super healthy.




Anyway, happy cooking and if you’d like to read more of my recipes, you’ll find me on:


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