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Video Recipes – Using Frozen with chef, Lee Maycock

Lee Maycock shows how easy frozen food is to use in a selection of video recipes

At Fresh from the Freezer we love frozen food! We often talk about the many benefits that frozen food can offer, whether it’s helping to reduce food waste through greater portion control or saving that extra bit of time in the kitchen when preparing your favourite dish.

However, instead of always talking about how great frozen food can be, we wanted to show you too.

Whether it’s creating a wonderful one-pot seafood paella or whizzing up a quick frozen fruit smoothie, using frozen really does offer endless opportunities.

Recently, we teamed up with professional chef, Lee Maycock, to produce a series of videos that showcase just how fantastic frozen can be.

Check out these great recipes:

Salmon Niçoise Salad


Here is another brilliant example of an easy-to-prepare dish that tastes fantastic and really proves just how great frozen food can be.

Seafood Paella


Often, the best dishes are made using a mixture of frozen, fresh and dried ingredients. This sumptuous dish is a must to add to your cooking repertoire.

Honey Glazed Chicken and Coriander Couscous


These are just a few examples of how frozen food can produce amazingly innovative dishes. However, frozen food can also be used for shortcuts in the kitchen that can help you to save a little bit of time, produce quick snacks and create innovative meal components. Go check out our videos for more info and tips!

Remember, we have a whole range of recipes that are just as easy to make on our recipes page, so if you’re feeling inspired go and take a look.




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