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Summer sport snacks

Come mid-June, flags will be flying in windows across the country as the summer of sport begins.

First there’s the World Cup from the 12th of June until the 13th of July, then there’s Wimbledon on the 23rdof June until the 6th of July but it doesn’t stop there as the Commonwealth Games will be on our TV screens from the 23rd of July until the 3rd of August – phew, we’re tired just thinking about it!

But if you are planning a party, there is no need for the designated cook to miss out on all of the action as frozen food gives cooks the opportunity to spend a minimal amount of time preparing in the kitchen.

Therefore, if you’re hosting a number of summer sport parties in the coming weeks we have some suggestions for you…

World Cup

With 32 national countries showcasing their football talent, hosts can really impress their guests by using frozen ingredients to cook up feasts from the countries on the fixture list that night.

So if you find yourself watching Brazil, how about you try our Brazilian-style Fish Stew recipe? Or if you are having people round to watch Spain, how about Alaska Seafood’s Seafood Paella recipe?

But if the match isn’t on until late (England’s first game is on at 11pm!) then why not cook up our quick and easy Mini Beef Burgers recipe?


After a tiring day shouting for Andy Murray to reclaim his crown, what’s better than a summer berry dessert?

We suggest you hold a BBQ (see our frozen BBQ blog post) and finish with a refreshing summer berry dessert. But you don’t have to pack the fridge with fresh berries (which often only last a few days), as the freezer aisle have packs of mixed berries which are available at a fraction of the price of fresh.

If your guests have spent a long day in the sun, how about our Raspberry Iced Dessert recipe or swap for strawberries for the true Wimbledon experience? But if your guests are screaming for ice cream, how about blogger Liz Burton’s Summer Berry Filo Parcels recipe?

Commonwealth Games

Last, but certainly not least we have the Commonwealth Games. With events on all day, the designated cook can avoid missing the likes of Mo Farah and Usain Bolt break world records by using frozen food.

Why not pay a visit to the freezer aisle where a range of delicious frozen party food can be found. From mini pizzas and mozzarella sticks to mini BBQ pork ribs, your guests will be overwhelmed by your feast.

However if you really want to impress we suggest trying our Mediterranean Canapés or Thai Chicken Bites recipes.



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