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Summer Holiday Cooking with Fresh from the Freezer

Brighten up your summer holiday with these easy and tasty recipes!

With the prospect of the long six weeks holiday ahead, many parents are dreading running out of ideas to keep the entertained, getting them involved in the kitchen may well be the perfect solution.

The idea of getting kids into the kitchen often induces images of ingredients splattered across walls and floors, whilst the idea of trawling around supermarkets with bored children in tow is often a parent’s worst nightmare.

Using frozen food is a great way of reducing mess and saving time whilst cooking with kids. They’ll be entertained all day and can learn about the ingredients in their food without Mum and Dad being worried about the cleaning up!


Save time

Convenient easy to cook snacks, means that you can get the kids involved in the cooking.

Saving you money

Frozen food can be 34% better value than fresh, leaving more money aside for other summer activities.

Only defrost what you need

This will help you cut down food waste and enable you to save the remaining food for other summer days.

Look for variety

From mini beef burgers to pizza bases, frozen food adds a variety to cooking with hungry kids.


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Mini Beef Burgers

Cooking with frozen means that as well as enjoying getting creative in the kitchen, the kids will also get all the goodness locked into their food.

Mini frozen beef burgers are the perfect summer snack to satisfy the kids’ taste buds in perfect bite size portions. Serve on a bun with some salad and whatever toppings you like to make your own personalised burger!

Pizza faces

Tap into their creative side with our pizza face recipe using frozen ingredients. The kids can create their dream pizza and let out their arty side at the same time.



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