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As the days are getting warmer and the winter coats are slowly finding their way back into the wardrobe, shoppers tend to turn towards lighter, summery dishes.

Fresh from the Freezer has a great range of spring meals for you to try. How about our delicious Fish Parcels recipe with golden basmati rice and mushrooms. A popular dish with the whole family is our tasty Sage and Maple Grilled Pork with Apples served with crisp French beans. You can always enjoy it with a glass of apple juice or cider in the garden if the weather is particuarly fine. Another favourite is our tasty Thai Chicken Bites which add a touch of spice to a spring evening. These are perfect for dinner parties or are a great mid-week treat.

If you’re planning a more traditional spring time meal, we love roast lamb with spring vegetables and dauphinoise potatoes. Opting for frozen ingredients can cut down on cost and preparation time, meaning you can enjoy the rare spring sunshine and still have a lovely roast dinner.

Either go for a full frozen leg of lamb and leave it to slowly roast with lashings of frozen chopped garlic and frozen chopped mint, or take the hassle out altogether with frozen prepared lamb chops, shanks or even a rack of lamb for a delicious and impressive meal for your family – delicious!








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