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How to save money with frozen food

Being able to save money is increasingly important in family life and cutting back where you can is a great habit to get into. Changes don’t have to be drastic or dramatic… even simple changes can have a big impact. Buying frozen food can really help your pocket.

Tip 1 – Meal plan

The first top tip I have for those looking to save money on food is to meal plan. If you decide what you are going to eat in advance (a weekly menu plan is usually a good idea) then you should be able to make sure your freezer is stocked with what you need.

Tip 2 – Storing

Correctly storing items makes them last longer which in turn reduces expenditure, when you come to place frozen food in the freezer, make sure you put lids on tightly and bags fastened tightly to avoid spillage or spoiling.

Tip 3 – Fruit

Frozen fruit such as berries and frozen veg such as broccoli are always a great investment. They don’t have to be in season. It’s always nice to know there is a healthy option just waiting to defrost.

Tip 4 – Leftovers

Using up leftovers is always smart. Ask grandparents for leftover tips, living through war years they will have wasted nothing. So if you have just a few frozen food pieces of sweetcorn left and a few frozen roast potatoes don’t despair omelettes and frittatas mop up all sorts of leftovers. A few frozen berries remaining. Shakes and smoothies are great for leftovers and you can even try some very unusual combinations. How about raspberry and carrot. So healthy too!

Tip 5 – Time

Frozen food cooks quicker than fresh so not only are you saving time but you are also saving money on your cooking bills too! Plus if you stock your freezer you won’t need to keep ‘popping to the shops’ and using up your petrol.



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