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Meet Tom Scott, Field Operative

Tom Scott a student at Loughborough University talks about why he wants to see behind the scenes of frozen foods and what he hopes to discover.



What made you want to be a Field Operative for

I am a full-time student and the cost of food is very important to me. At the same time, I don’t want to scrimp on quality so I thought I’d find out more about frozen foods.

What were you hoping to find out?

I am hoping that I will discover that frozen food is as healthy as some people say. My mum swears by it and insists that all my housemates should stock up with frozen fruit, vegetables and meats. I’m told it will save me trips to the shops too, so I’m here to find out for myself!

Anything else you’d like to add?

I think that, with our modern way of living and buying foods, we need to find out where our food is sourced from. It’s very easy not to think twice about where our meat comes from and that’s why I wanted to visit Cherry Valley Farms – so I could find out all about frozen poultry. I would also like to see the standard of living for the animals because animal welfare is important.

What were your preconceptions of frozen foods, if any, and in particular frozen duck before becoming a Field Operative?

Well, to be honest, I’m not sure what to think! Being a student, I am now independent, cooking and shopping for myself and sometimes for my housemates too – so it has become increasingly important for me to see where my food comes from. I do buy some frozen food items, such as pizzas and burgers, and I’m keen to learn more about the process and see behind the scenes of frozen food.

Why do you think this excursion is relevant to you?

This Field Operative visit is relevant to me because I love duck! From crispy duck in Chinese restaurants to roast duck at home and from duck confit to Duck à l’orange – I’m a duck nut!

So, what have you learnt about frozen food from your visit to Cherry Valley?

I have discovered so much! I learnt more than I thought I would and I was also pleasantly surprised. I learnt that the farmer and his team really care for the ducks and that Cherry Valley Farms goes beyond what they are expected to do by the EU and DEFRA, when it comes to the welfare of the animals. I discovered a lot more than this but why don’t you read on to find out – Behind the Scenes of Frozen Duck.


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