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Meet the Catering Expert, Oliver Brown

Top Tips from Catering Expert Oliver Brown

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Oliver Brown, London-based caterer and owner of Heaven’s Kitchen, helps you get reacquainted with frozen foods…

Oliver has always had a passion for cooking – right back to his early days of washing salads at his local pub. His first proper job as a chef was in a restaurant in Chichester, at the tender age of sixteen, and then, after university, he did a stint as sous chef at The Langdon Court Hotel. It was here – running a kitchen of eight – that he first truly developed his cooking and management skills. Since moving to London in 2005 he has worked in many prestigious restaurants including The Brackenbury and The Bush Bar Grill. Today – as well as being head chef at The North London Tavern – Oliver owns Heaven’s Kitchen, a successful catering company in London and Oxford.

How Fresh Is ‘Fresh’ And How Cool Is Chilled?

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