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Meet Nick Adams, Frozen Fish Field Operative

Nick contacted us because he wanted to go behind the scenes of frozen food – to see how our food really reaches the shop shelves. So we armed him with a camera and put him in touch with Grimsby Fish Market and Five Star Fish so he could discover the processes of delivering frozen fish to our shops – and eventually our plates.


What made you want to be a field operative for

I wanted the opportunity to explore the British food industry: who is involved in creating frozen food products and what stages of the process there are.

What were you hoping to find out?

I was curious as to where our food is originally from, and the conditions and processes involved in making it into a genuine marketable commodity.

Anything else you’d like to add?

As someone who is very passionate about their food, I’ve never really stopped and considered just how many people are involved for it to reach me in a delicious edible state!

What were your preconceptions of frozen foods?

The freezing process has always made me a little sceptical to be honest. For me, frozen foods always seemed like a substitute for their freshly prepared counterparts. With our fast paced modern lifestyles it can seem like we are leaning towards convenience foods more than ever.

Why did you think this excursion was relevant to you?

I felt it was very important for me to be convinced that frozen foods really are so much more than a quick fix or shortcut around genuine traditional fresh food preparation.

What have you learnt about frozen food from your day out?

If it’s a question of how fresh food is, the frozen option is actually a lot more sustainable and there are very efficient methods of freezing food so all of the quality and nutrients are locked in. I’ve also learned that for someone who loves food as much as I do, I really couldn’t tell the difference in taste between frozen and fresh food!



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