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Make half-term a breeze with Fresh from the Freezer!

The kids are off for half-term and let’s face it, no one is expecting much from the British weather in February! But being stuck inside the house with the kids for a week doesn’t have to mean chaos.

Let us help with some top tips to keeping your tots occupied and you calm and collected this half-term…


This is an easy one, and should hopefully keep the kids quiet for more than ten minutes! Let them each choose their own sketchbook and get a selection of pencils and crayons for them to use. Send them off to pick some interesting objects from around the house and sketch to their hearts’ content!

Build a den

On those rainy days, spend some quality time getting cosy with the kids. Pull the sofas together, get some sheets, blankets, pillows, anything you can think of! Get the kids snuggled in the den, pop a Disney film on with some of their favourite snacks and relax for the afternoon. They could even make up a password to allow entry into their den!

Get in the kitchen

The best way to get kids to be interested in food is to get them involved in it. There’s loads of easy and simple ways to get your kids interested in cooking – it might be messy at first but they’ll love it!

Two of our favourite kid-friendly recipes are the white chocolate and raspberry smoothie – fun to make, has a little chocolate treat in and will also fill them with fruit! Another kids’ favourite is the jacket potato skins. You can put almost anything you like into this recipe and they’re a great film snack to have in your den!


Grow a garden patch

If the weather decides to play nice and we get a bit of sunshine during the break, why not mark out a small area in the garden for the kids to own and take care of. Help them plant a selection of flowers and plants that they can choose themselves and watch grow until summer. Give them a spade, put on some old clothes and let them loose!

Hopefully these tips will go a little way to making this half-term a breeze, but make sure to keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook and twitter pages for updates and top tips!



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