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Make friends with your freezer: spring clean your freezer

Almost 10% people admit to finding items older than two years in their freezer according to our research.

In the final post in our ‘Make Friends with Your Freezer’ series, we look at how many shoppers admit to finding old or unidentifiable foods in their freezer.

By looking after your freezer properly, you can avoid wasting this food and eat what you already have, in order ready to stock up again with new frozen products.

When we asked shoppers what the oldest thing was they’d ever found in their freezer, the answers astounded us – particularly the one person who admitted to still owning chicken nuggets bought in 1993!

However, amongst the five year old pastry and six year old garlic bread there were some shoppers who said they implement a rotation system in their freezer to ensure they regularly use and replace their frozen food and don’t end up with Tupperware filled with unidentifiable meals years down the line.

By rotating your frozen food and putting new products towards the back of your freezer and bringing older ones to the front, you can eat your food in order and keep a track of what you have meaning your next trip to the supermarket can be organised. And with the extra space you find from not having piles of food you can’t identify, you can treat yourself to something a bit naughty from the freezer aisle!

We thought you might like to see some of the best answers we had to the question “what’s the oldest thing you’ve ever found in your freezer?”

What’s the oldest thing you’ve ever found in your freezer?

  • “Normally something I’ve frozen in a Tupperware box and have no idea what it is or how long I’ve had it!”
  • “Homemade soup that was awful but I didn’t want to throw away”
  • “Some fresh beef my mum gave me, I found it when it was a year old. In fact it’s still there as I’m too scared to eat it.”
  • “Home grown runner beans – I don’t like them but Dad insists on growing them.”


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