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Lyndsey Young, Creator of Count on It food labels

Since becoming a mum a few years ago, I have been increasingly passionate about products that can help save me time, money and waste, particularly when it comes to family mealtimes.

So much so, that I invented Count On It ® labels, scratch-off memory joggers, to help myself and others like me get the most out of the food we buy and waste less of it. Despite the increasing cost of groceries, food waste in the UK is a huge problem with an average family with children estimated to be throwing up to £610 of edible food away each year.*

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Another way we can reduce our grocery bills and food waste is to buy frozen produce and to become re-acquainted with our freezers.

Did you know that when cooking from frozen it is 33% less expensive than cooking from fresh, in addition when using frozen food, wastage is less (37% less) than when using fresh food? As a mum, reducing my weekly food bills and minimising food waste is paramount and that is why I am proud to be a Mumbassador.

As a Mumbassador, my aim is to provide tips and ideas to help others like me appreciate the advantages of using frozen food and freezing produce, enjoying food at its nutritional best and, of course, getting value for money.

*Waste Resources Action Programme, WRAP, 2008



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