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Homecooks: Frozen Fruit

When we asked you guys to share your tips for using frozen food, we were amazed to read such a wide variety of handy hints, irresistible recipes and innovative life-hacks!

However, there was one ingredient that kept cropping up and it seems Fresh from the Freezer fans, just like us, can’t get enough of frozen berries.

These tongue-tingling, full-of-flavour fruits are so versatile and can be eaten throughout the day. Best of all, because all their flavour is locked in through freezing, they are just as tasty in the winter as they are in the summer.

Here’s just a few ways our Cool Cooks like to use these great ingredients:


Get one of your five a day taken care of before you even leave the house…

Laraine Spiteri loves frozen berries in the morning, here’s her top tip:

“Mixed frozen berries are actually very handy to have in stock, especially for that morning when you really fancy a taste of summer, in the middle of winter.

Make some fluffy pancakes, warm up a handful or two of frozen berries with some cinnamon sprinkled in. Pour over the pancakes, add a dollop of either crème fraiche or Greek yoghurt, then for a final flourish, drizzle over some runny honey. Healthy, low fat and while you enjoy them, that dark, dank morning outside disappears… even if it’s only for a short time.”

What a way to start your day! Can we come to yours for breakfast, Laraine?


Sweet and tangy, frozen berries are perfect for adding depth of flavour and vibrancy to your desserts and require almost no prep or effort! Try Lexy Law’s easy yet delicious tip:

“Take frozen forest fruits and mix them with some icing sugar to create a delicious topping for an indulgent Pavlova.”

If you’re more of a classic desert lover, why give our frozen fruit crumble a go. It’s perfect piping hot, straight out of the oven served with some fresh cream – the ideal winter warmer!



Having such a versatile ingredient to-hand can be a real life saver, especially when you need a pick-me-up to help you power through the day.

Gill Jennison enjoys a frozen berry smoothie:

“I cannot live without bags of frozen berries. Straight into the blender with yoghurt and hey presto you have a delicious chilled smoothie.”

But berries aren’t the only fruit which is great bought frozen. A range of fruits are available for you to experiment with. Swap your frozen berry smoothie for a mango and banana slushy – a great idea from Tracey Bright on Facebook.

Frozen Fruit Breakfast Smoothie


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