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Homecooks: Entertaining with Frozen

Here’s our top tips for entertaining with frozen …

Are you planning on entertaining people soon but worried about the mountain of cooking involved or how to split your time between the kitchen and your guests?

Having a selection of frozen products in the freezer means you can cook up some delicious food, without the hassle of lots of prep – your guests will never know how easy it really was!

We asked you to give us your frozen food top tips and you didn’t disappoint and supplied us with some fantastic ideas that are perfect for when you decide to have people round – or when they decide to pop round unannounced!

So, whether you’re having a casual get-together or a more formal party, frozen food offers an array of solutions to help you along the way.

Party food

If you’re having a fancy ‘do’ and are looking to impress your guests with a show-stopping centre piece, Karen Bryant has the perfect solution:

“A frozen prawn ring is easy to defrost and is the perfect party food as people can just help themselves.”

High quality, ready-prepared products, such as mini quiches, filo prawns and duck spring rolls that would take a lot of prep and skill to cook from scratch are readily available at most supermarkets and can be cooked straight from frozen – ideal for getting the party started!

Show-stopping desserts

Making a dessert can quickly become time-consuming work, especially if you decide to bake or make it from scratch. However, this handy tip from Donna Lisa Hale on Facebook is both easy-to-make and full of flavour.

“Choose your favourite mixed fruits, defrost then mix with sweetened quark and meringue nests for an Eton mess style dessert.”

This is a great one to do in a large trifle bowl or as individual portions in quirky Kilner jars. It’s the perfect end to a fun-filled night.

Flavoursome food

If you’re trying to impress your friends, packing your dish with as much flavour as possible is a good way of going about it. Frozen herbs are a wonderful way of conveniently adding extra depth to a simple dish without the hassle of prep.

“Just sprinkle them in, no need to defrost and they are so much more aromatic than dried herbs. Basil is my favourite and so handy for making tomato based dishes like Spaghetti Bolognese.” says Sandy Hudson.

Classy cocktails

If you’re having a party, you’ll need an array of drinks on offer, and what better way of impressing your friends than making some trendy frozen cocktails.

Clare Blyth loves making strawberry daiquiris using frozen strawberries – does that count towards one of your five-a-day?

Here’s a classic recipe to help you along, so you can make some wow your guests!

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