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Home Cooks: Freezer Essentials Part 2

Here at Fresh from the Freezer, we believe that cooking is for everyone, no matter the skill level. We have a range of recipes and top tips suitable for everyone from the esteemed dinner party host, to a brand new beginner.

The great thing about cooking with frozen food is that it allows you to choose from a vast selection of seasonal ingredients all year round, as they are picked and frozen in season. With the weather warming up, and some great summery recipes available, we’ve got a rundown of our frozen essentials for the season that are accessible no matter how confident a cook you are!


King prawns

We love prawns because they are quick to cook and great for salads, soups, pasta, curries, tapas and so much more! Feeding the family a delicious home cooked meal after a long day can be a challenge but using frozen ingredients means you can buy items such as prawns pre-peeled and pre-prepared, and only use as much as you need.

If you’re new to using prawns and not sure how to cook them, take a look at one of our light, fresh salad recipes perfect for lunch or a summery evening meal. We love this Frozen Prawn, Avocado and Mango Salad recipe because it uses frozen prawns, avocado (you can buy frozen avocados!), mango, lettuce and limes – and only takes 15 minutes to prepare. For that extra flavour, add sweet chilli sauce and serve it with toasted bread!

Did You Know?: Frozen prawns are perfect for portion control as you don’t have to cook the whole pack. Just take what you need and that way – you reduce waste!


Frozen Burgers

There’s nothing that celebrates warm weather quite like a BBQ with friends, family and hours of clear blue skies – hence why burgers are a must have for your freezer this month.

With the changeability of the great British weather, planning ahead for those precious sunny days can be a real challenge, making frozen your best option! Frozen barbeque food is becoming a real favourite with an array of choices ranging from veggie to meat and chicken burgers.

Did You Know?: Frozen burgers are not the only barbeque food you can buy from frozen. You can also get products such as marinated chicken skewers, sausage sizzlers and pork grills that can be cooked straight from the freezer! (Please refer to all packaging for instructions)


Frozen Fruits

Frozen fruits remain a favourite for many, mainly because they’re so easy to prepare and are available all year round compared to fresh fruits. Frozen berries are also much better for your wallet compared to berries bought in season – win win!

More and more people are becoming creative with frozen fruits, particularly berries, by using them to make desserts such as Filo Parcels. If this dessert is for you, then check out our quick and simple Filo Parcels with Summer Berries recipe. It’s the perfect pudding for a summer evening. You can even make a no-fuss sweet treat by piling whipped cream and frozen berries on top of ready-made meringue nests – tasty!

In addition to desserts, you can also use frozen fruits for overnight oats for your breakfast, smoothies or to make fruit sauce. The list is endless – making frozen fruits a definite freezer essential!

Did you know?: Buying frozen fruits is the ideal way to enjoy some fantastic “not in season” produce all-year round!

Find a range of recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner using these three frozen must-haves here:












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