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Bargain Mummy: Healthy choices

Healthy choices with Bargain Mummy

Ten years ago, I found out that I have a really terrible form of heartburn and I have episodes where I just don’t really feel like eating anything at all. It makes it really difficult when I’m out food shopping, as nothing looks at all appealing, so I usually end up putting hardly anything in the trolley. Then, later in the week, when I’m feeling a bit better (and hungry!) there doesn’t seem to be anything in to eat!

That’s where frozen foods come in, and more recently, our freezer has been working overtime trying to keep up with demand. Not only that, but it’s super useful to be able to stock up in advance when I feel an “episode” coming on, so I can take things as easily as possible and I’m not rushing around making meals from scratch or stocking up on fresh products.

I know heartburn is a common problem, especially amongst pregnant women, so here are some of the meals I have found easy on the stomach that are also quick and simple to prepare and use lots of easy peasy frozen items:

Country Plate

This is a take on a Spanish dish we had many years ago but the ingredients are eggs, new potatoes, salad, frozen green beans and chorizo. All you need to do is lay out the salad with some lightly boiled eggs sliced on top. Fry the chorizo in small chunks and cook the frozen green beans and new potatoes.  Lay out on a plate and vamos!

Fish pie

I use frozen fish fillets as they are much cheaper (about 500g for four people), four eggs, frozen broccoli, parsley sauce and mashed potato. This is super easy: cook the fish for about five minutes in about 200 ml of milk, and then pop the fish in the bottom of a rectangular oven proof dish. Boil the eggs for ten minutes and when cool enough, peel and slice on top of the fish. Whilst all this is going on, lightly cook the broccoli and turn about 1 kg of potatoes into mash. Spoon the broccoli on top of the mixture when cooked and while you are waiting for the potatoes to boil make the parsley sauce. I just pop some butter, flour and the remaining milk in a pan and whisk until thick, I then add dried parsley but you could also add frozen parsley too. Mix the finished sauce with the mixture then spoon the mash on top. You can top with cheese if you wish. Cook for 35 minutes or until the top turns brown.


For some reason I find these have less side effects than eating bread and it’s healthier too! For fillings I like to use ingredients such as frozen falafels with hummus and olives – healthy, a real crowd pleaser and good for picnics too.


These are a healthy and warming option, especially in the cold months, and everyone can get involved in making (and eating) them too. I use frozen peas and frozen mint to make pea and mint soup – add in a potato and a splash of cream before blitzing with a food processor or hand held blender then serve.

Prawn Risotto

More recently, I’ve been buying frozen risotto and frozen prawns and simply cooking them together. This takes less than ten minutes and is very tasty and healthy too! What you can do if you prefer to make from fresh is just make the risotto as per the packet instructions and add the prawns towards the end. Frozen prawns are really cost effective and they are a good source of protein too, a very good thing to have in all the time for when you are super tired!

So there you go – quick, healthy and easy on the tummy too! What are your top tips for cooking from frozen?

This is a guest post written by Heather McAvan who blogs over at

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