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Get your kids in the kitchen this half-term

Half-term holidays can be expensive for keeping the children amused. Most kids don’t want to spend the holidays indoors, even when it’s freezing outside – and so finding pocket-friendly activities can prove challenging.

However, staying indoors doesn’t have to be boring! Get your kids in the kitchen this half-term for a fun activity that also shows them how food is made. Deciding on what to cook with them can seem a bit daunting, so whether you want them to help you out with some tasty treats or a full meal, Fresh from the Freezer has some simple and fun recipes to start you off!

We’ve put together three different frozen food meal ideas from our recipe selection that can be fun to recreate with the kids. Let’s get cooking!



Frozen Fruit Breakfast Smoothie

Kids are always more inclined to eat something healthy if they have a hand in preparing it, and that preparation is fun. So one of the keys to getting kids interested in making smoothies is making the whole process exciting and fun – let them choose their favourite frozen fruits!  This quick and easy breakfast smoothie made with frozen fruits will refresh both you and the kids in the morning, with the vitality from the mixed seeds making it the perfect start to your day. The mixed seeds not only add texture but are also an extra health benefit – have the kids sprinkle extra seeds on top for presentation! Find the full recipe here.



Fish Finger Club Sandwich

You can never go wrong with a fish finger sandwich, most kids love fish fingers – and adults too! They are easy to make, and because they’re a teatime favourite – it would be surprising if you didn’t get any volunteers to help you prepare them. After you finish cooking the frozen fish fingers and the bacon, get the kids involved in layering the bread with tomato and avocado (Did you know you can buy this frozen?). As it is a quick meal to make, you won’t hear anyone asking, “Is it done yet?” – win win!



Chunky Chicken Salsa Wrap

The best thing to do when making kid-friendly wraps is to use familiar food and flavours that you know your little ones enjoy. This many also persuade them to help you prepare the meal. This Chunky Chicken Salsa Wrap, made from frozen chicken goujons is a quick and easy-to-prepare dish full of flavour. This recipe can also be used as a generic guide to make wraps with children. You can have a variety of other ingredients in different pots and have the kids choose their own. They can then help by topping the wraps themselves, and the actual wrapping!

Hopefully these meal ideas will go a little way to making the rest of this half-term lighter, especially if the weather is uninviting! For more suggestions on making half-term a breeze, just click here.


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