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Frozen picnic recipes for a spring outing

At Fresh from the Freezer we’re going picnic mad this month! We’ve got a range of recipes and tips to help you create the perfect picnic and we’ve shared some of our favourite recipes for you to use.

Spring has sprung and getting outdoors is a must when the sun pops out, especially when there’s a picnic involved. Using frozen ingredients is a great way to prep for a picnic, especially if you aren’t the most confident cook – frozen ingredients can come pre-chopped, pre-portioned and de-boned for ease!


A must on a picnic. Frozen prawns and avocados work particularly well on sandwiches with a little extra salad, dressing or mayonnaise. Or why not try some of our Riverside Foods recipes such as the Spicy Chicken Kebab, Chicken Pitta, Spicy Chicken Sub or the Chicken Salsa Wrap, which are all ideal to make in the morning before you head out on a picnic! All packed full of delicious chicken which can be taken straight out of the freezer and cooked from frozen and served with salad for extra crunch.

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A great picnic staple that can be prepared in advanced, stored in an air-tight container and chilled until needed. We’ve got a great recipe from BigFish Brand™; Thai Salmon Salad which uses frozen salmon fillets that are pre-portioned, deboned and filleted – result! Or why not try a Tuna Niçoise? This BBC Food recipe is a must, try using frozen tuna steaks, onions, basil, parsley and garlic for a healthier and quicker option. We have a Salmon Niçoise option too on Fresh from the Freezer.

picnic recipes

You can never have enough picnic sides! Jenny Leonard from The Brick Castle blog has a fantastic Curry Pasties recipe that are ideal for al fresco dining, they can be easily adapted to your own taste and preference and can be made in advance – no cutlery needed! Or make a pasta that can be simply put in a container and taken to the picnic, we love the BigFish Brand™ Minted Salmon, Mascarpone and Asparagus Pappardelle recipe which is full of spring veg.

picnic recipes
Sweet treats

Even after a savoury packed picnic there’s always time for dessert! Our blogger friend Slummy Single Mummy has a delicious Black Forest Breakfast Oats recipe can be sliced, once cooled into flapjack style pieces! Or why not take a selection of frozen fruits in a cool box? Frozen mixed berries make a fruity addition to serve with a slice of cake and the juices make it a little like a coulis, or mix some frozen fruit with some natural yoghurt for a healthy option.

picnic recipes


Can be taken on a spring walk or can be kept in a cool bag until the picnic is served. We’ve got three recipes that are worth a try our Frozen Fruit Breakfast Smoothie is packed full with blueberries and seeds, or why not give our Super-Food Green Detox Smoothie a go. Or for a sweet option which the kids will love try our White Chocolate & Raspberry Smoothie!

picnic recipes
There’s lots of options when it comes to making picnic items from frozen ingredients, once you’ve cracked using frozen food there will be no stopping you.
Enjoy and have a lovely picnic!


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