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Frozen Food is the way forward

It’s that time of year again where the weather is getting warmer (fingers crossed) and thoughts turn towards summer and summer bodies. So, how do you get that body you’ve been dreaming of?

On top of a well-structured exercise routine, frozen food is the answer. Keeping your freezer well stocked with healthy ingredients is a great way to keep on top of healthy eating with hardly any food waste.

Not only does frozen food cut out food waste, it also locks in freshness straight away providing you with all the natural nutrients and no added unwanted extras – going frozen can be one simple step to a healthier you!

At Fresh from the Freezer, we know how important it is to make quick and healthy meals for all the family, so we’ve put together a list of staple frozen ingredients that can be versatile in many recipes:

  • Frozen fruit: Fresh fruits are seasonal, have a very short shelf life and can be expensive when bought fresh whereas frozen fruits are cheaper, can be kept for months and can be eaten when they’re not in season. They’re perfect for smoothies, crumbles and plenty of fruity desserts. And for a super healthy quick dessert try some frozen yoghurt and frozen mixed fruit with a drizzle of honey – delicious.

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  • Frozen vegetables: the key ingredient to an array of dishes especially soups. We have some delicious soup recipes, which include Chinese dumping soup and carrot and coriander soup. And we have a great selection of casseroles and stews that are quick, easy and an excellent way to cram in a host of vegetables to your diet. We have some great recipes which can be rustled up for a hot, nutritious meal for yourself and the whole family just take a look at our website.


  • Salmon is a great source of vitamin B12, vitamin D and is full of omega-3 – a perfect healthy choice. Salmon can become the star of many dishes from en croutes to paellas and buying salmon from frozen is also less expensive than buying fresh individual fillets of the fish –result!



  • Avocados are now available to buy from frozen (finally), which come destoned and peeled for ease. And they’re perfect for adding to smoothies and juices when you’re preparing for that summer body! They’re also a great addition to salads.


On our website we have plenty of hints, tips and recipes to help with frozen foods. The possibilities are endless when it comes to frozen food.

More and more items are being added to the frozen aisles up and down the country, which is good news for money saving meals with a better shelf life.

We are giving away a Breville Halo Health Fryer in our April competition, which is perfect for trying out new and healthy, tasty meals and techniques.

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