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Frozen Food Is Flaming Brilliant on the BBQ

BBQ Brilliance with Frozen Food

The great British summer will soon be upon us (believe it or not) and there’s nothing that says summer quite like a BBQ with friends, family and hours of clear blue skies.

But with the changeability of the great British weather, planning ahead for those precious sunny days can be a real challenge and nobody wants to spend the nicest days of the year in the supermarket picking over the last remaining burgers and sausages.

Frozen barbeque food is becoming a real summer favourite, with more and more people preparing ahead for summer parties and spreading out the cost of catering for family and friends. A growing array of premium and interesting frozen products, such as frozen Aberdeen Angus burgers and frozen tiger prawns are appearing on the shelves as retailers realise the growing popularity of frozen food.

Buying frozen can also help to cut down on wasted food, beefing up on burgers in advance of a party and only cooking what you need means that less food goes in the bin and you can save money. The latest household food and drink report from Defra shows that households throw away 17% of all food bought – a figure that can be massively reduced by buying frozen.

Below are our top tips on buying for the barbie.


  • Buy in advance – frozen food allows you to plan ahead and spread out the cost. No need for that last minute trolley dash around the supermarket
  • Only defrost what you need – this will help to cut down on food waste and help to control portion size
  • Look for variety – From frozen fish and prawns to jerk chicken and lamb kebabs, there is so much on offer in frozen barbeque food.

So here’s hoping the sun shines this summer and we enjoy a good barbeque or two with friends and family.

For advice on cooking safely with frozen food, check out our pages on the cold facts on frozen and for great tasting recipe and meal ideas. We’ve also created guides on how to defrost chicken, fishsausages, turkey and mince.



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