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Frozen Food Beats The Back To School Blues

Back to school doesn’t need to be a bother with frozen

To help families gear up for the stressful back to school rush, here are our top tips for parents on cooking for budding braniacs.

When time is tight, frozen food can really cut preparation times and free you up in the evenings to help with homework and enjoy more time together.

Family favourites such as cook from frozen joints and fish are good time saving options and nutritious for growing families. Serve frozen meat and fish with freshly frozen and prepared vegetables. Frozen vegetables are also high in vitamins, making them great brain food.

Starting the day with a get-up-and-go breakfast is essential for growing children. Pancakes and croissants, which can be baked from frozen, are a great time saver and a good start to the day.

Smoothies are great for busy parents, popular with the kids and really nutritious. They make an excellent afternoon snack. Those fruity drinks, packed with vitamins and minerals are a great way of boosting their immune systems going into autumn.


  • Save time – convenient easy to cook meals, mean more time spent with your children
  • Buy in bulk – frozen food lets you plan ahead meaning fewer trips to the shops and more opportunity to exploit those multibuy offers
  • Only defrost what you need – this will help to cut down on food waste and save you vital pennies for weekend fun
  • Saving you money – frozen food can be 34% better value than fresh, leaving you with more as families feel the pinch
  • Packed full of nutrients – freshly frozen food has all the nutrients locked in giving your child’s immune system a boost
  • Look for variety – make food exciting with lovely lunch boxes and tasty teas for all.

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