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For a sizzling barbeque, get frozen

Summer’s here, which means for most Brits – it’s barbeque time! With many of us entertaining at home rather than eating out, due to the continuing tough economic climate, barbeques are more popular than ever despite our changeable British weather.

With approx 120m barbeque occasions being held during 2010*, it would seem that we just can’t resist a get together around the coals. However, with unsettled weather on the cards this summer, how can we make sure we’re stocked up with barbeque treats should the mood take us and be safe in the knowledge that our food won’t be wasted should rain stop play? *(Mintel/Kantar Worldpanel).

Simple answer – choose frozen.

With everything from chicken wings, sirloin steaks, lamb chops, sardines, veggie burgers and of course, prawns, all available frozen, there is a barbecue favourite to suit everyone’s taste.

As well as the plentiful choice, by choosing frozen over fresh, you can stock up in advance (or should that be anticipation!). By doing so, you can spread the cost over a few weeks, rather than max your grocery budget in one go and save time on the day. According to the National Barbeque Association us Brits will spend a whopping £2billion on barbecue goodies this year! (NBQA/Mintel/Kantar & Trade market estimates)

As ‘unpredictability’ is a key word we associate with British summer weather, frozen food also gives you flexibility and convenience. Should a pre-planned barbeque be postponed, your frozen party food will remain in perfect condition in your freezer until you need it next. Or, if your barbeque’s in full flow and extra guests turn up, with frozen, you’ve always got plenty of food to hand.

The convenience of frozen food also helps you manage food portions and unnecessary food waste more easily, as you only prepare what you need. Unlike fresh, with frozen food you can use as little or as much as is needed. Did you know according to WRAP’s Love Food Hate Waste, 6% of all food and drink we waste from our homes is meat and fish, costing us £1.6 billion a year!

So, if you’re planning to enjoy a barbeque or two this summer or want to throw your party doors open at a moment’s notice, by choosing frozen you’ll be sure to have the hottest bash without wasting any food and cash!


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