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Frozen Food for Father’s Day

Father’s Day made easy with frozen

The start of June means that Father’s Day is fast approaching and many of us are looking for the best way to treat our dear old dads and say thanks for another year of Dad’s ever reliable taxi, banking and babysitting services.

Cooking your dad a slap-up meal is the ideal way to show him how much you care but we don’t all have the skills of Nigella or the inspiration of Heston in the kitchen. Using frozen food makes cooking an impressive meal easy, no matter what your culinary skill level.

As well as a whole host of delicious prepared meals, the frozen aisles now stock everything from meat and fish to garlic and herbs and from pasta and rice to peppers and potatoes to help you cut a few preparation corners and still produce a luxury treat for Dad.

Why not try some of our fantastic recipes for Father’s Day and make his day a truly special one?

Fajitas are always a family favourite and Dad is no exception. Our Creamy Steak and Onion Chipotle Fajitas recipe is creamy, yet spicy with smokey steak and onion filling.

Our individual Microwave Blueberry Sponge Puddings are a

real family classic with a twist – a quarter less

sugar, reduced fat and extra fibre, all topped with a mound of freshly frozen blueberries, and microwave

cooked in moments. So Dad will feel treatend and you can watch your waistline at the same time.

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