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Five Fiendishly Fun Activities To Make This The Best Halloween Yet

Halloween falls on a Friday this year, making it the perfect excuse for you and the family to make a fun-filled night of it.

While a scary film and some sweets may be on the cards, we’ve provided five fiendishly fun activities for you and the family to try something different on October 31st.

1.    Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins

Whether it’s pumpkin carving, pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie, pumpkins are the essence of Halloween festivities. Try out this frozen spiced pumpkin pie recipe for a delectable treat that will leave you asking ‘how haven’t I tried this before?’

 2.    Create a monster

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a scary monster or two. Try this simple game, detailed by Fresh from the Freezer guest blogger Becky Goddard Hill, where your children and their friends can sketch a unique Halloween monster.

 3.    Apple bobbing

Sometimes you can’t beat a classic. Why not encourage the kids to leave the iPads and gadgets to one side for an evening and play a classic and traditional autumn game.

 4.    Treasure hunt

Clues, hiding places, excitement, sweets! What more could you want from a Friday night?

 5.    Pin the wart on the witch

You all remember playing pin the tail on the donkey right? Why not put a scary spin on the game by playing pin the wart on the witch?

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