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Autumn recipes – Fall in love with frozen

With autumn now upon us, we are set to lose a whole host of produce that are in only season during the summer months.

Produce like plums, carrots and new potatoes all go out of season at the beginning of September. So what are you supposed to do if you have a real craving for some out-of-season products this Autumn?

Well, you needn’t worry. The magic of frozen can provide you with all-year-round seasonality.

We take a look at a few ingredients that, through the power of frozen, are available in ant season to enhance a dish.


One ingredient that is synonymous with the freezer is the humble garden pea. Although only in season for a short period of the year, freezing helps maintain its sweet flavour. This wonderful taste can be used to help enhance dishes such as a Pollock Biriyani – a perfect recipe using frozen ingredients to enjoy every day.

Garlic is often a forgotten ingredient when it comes to creating a great dish. The small bulbs, however, pack a punch and are ideal for adding that extra layer of taste. Fresh garlic has a short season but can always be bought in the frozen aisle pre-prepared. Try using it to make a delicious Cassoulet.

CC Wild Alaska Pollock and Chorizo Cassoulet

Britain is famous for its tongue-tingling berries, bursting-with-flavour. But as autumn arrives, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are no longer available at their British best. Such brilliant produce can be purchased frozen and used to create mouth-watering smoothies to enjoy every day.

Buying and using frozen food is a great way of mixing up the dishes you have throughout the year, while still ensuring you are getting some high-quality products with all their goodness locked in. Whether it’s having some fantastic frozen broccoli in May or some sensational sweetcorn in February, having these products to hand can be of great benefit.

Autumn is a fantastic time of the year with lots of ingredients coming into season, so for those of you who want to embrace the autumn months, check out these fantastic recipes.


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