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Eating For Easter

The Easter bank holiday is traditionally a time for family gatherings and easter egg hunts so if you’re planning a family feast this year, here is our best advice to help you to have an eggcellent time.

Feeding the Family

Catering for family and friends can be stressful, especially if you’re trying to juggle dinner around the compulsory egg hunt. To make life simpler, the frozen food aisle has a growing range of premium ingredients from ready diced shallots to frozen prepared duck breasts. These great ingredients can cut preparation time, giving you a chance to join in the fun.

Frozen Flavour

Using frozen herbs and garlic with your frozen lamb joint means you can make delicious traditional roast lamb. Serve with frozen roast potatoes and vegetables or use frozen Mediterranean potatoes and chargrilled peppers for a bit of twist on tradition.


For larger gatherings, there is a huge range of premium party food available to keep everyone happy, with traditional sausage rolls and mini quiche lorraine for grandparents, mini hot dogs and pizzas for the little ones or for something a little more exotic try tempura prawns or mini Coquilles St Jacques.

By opting for pre-prepared luxury ingredients and frozen premium party food, you can impress your family with your culinary skills this Easter weekend and still find the time to join in the games and gorge yourself on chocolate.

And for the perfect pudding, there are a great selection of frozen desserts on offer, from melt-in-the-middle pudding to gateaux and roulade.




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