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Discover The Health And Nutrition Benefits Of Frozen

Is it five portions of fruit and veg you need these days? Or more?! Nutritional guidelines seem to change and develop faster than the children do. And with it being difficult to stay on top of bags of salad and sprouting potatoes before they turn, it’s easy to see why reaching this goal of five, or seven, or ten, can prove tricky. With many health and fitness goals as resolutions for 2015 we’ve provided a few healthy meal ideas for you to achieve success throughout the year.

Frozen food can provide you, and your family, with the recommended fruit and veg without the risk of wasting food – and, more importantly, you can get higher levels of nutrients and antioxidants from some frozen produce than fresh.


The quick freezing process, which locks in nutrients, often begins just hours after harvest. Scientific reports and studies show this process retains vital nutrients and antioxidants for longer than fresh counterparts.

Here is our frozen food ‘daily menu’ that will help keep your new year resolutions on track.

Daily Menu




Smoothies provide all the nutrients you need and by using frozen all the fiddly preparations are done for you. Try a summer berry smoothie with strawberries, blueberries and frozen natural yogurt. This provides a range of vitamins and antioxidants to start your day




Soups can be ideal lunches for the family on weekends. You can make these easy soups with mostly frozen ingredients, by taking a handful of each frozen ingredient and cooking in stock with seasoning:

  • Tomato and Lentil Soup




Maintaining a balanced diet, with little time and money, can be a tricky challenge, particularly if you want to keep your meals interesting. Try these suggestions for quick and easy delicious meals from frozen:

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