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Dellilah’s Family Favourite Chinese Dumpling Soup

As the months get colder, the desire to make something quick and easy becomes stronger.

I would rather spend a few more minutes in front of the telly or cuddling up with my kids under the warm duvet than standing on the chilly kitchen floor on such days and deciding a menu from scratch.



It is not an easy task as being a mum of three, quality and variety is much needed. For that very reason I have become a little obsessed with frozen ingredients which make healthy meal planning a lot easier than it used to be in the past.

The possibilities to cook anything on the spur of the moment are endless, aren’t they?


So get your chopping boards out as the recipe I am sharing with you today is Chinese Dumpling Soup – an absolute family favourite which can be prepared in just under half an hour.



Trust me, it is easy for people with even the most rudimentary kitchen skills, and you can swap out the ingredients to add some variety or cater to someone’s particular food loves.

It is a quick comfort food recipe that soothes and uplifts the mood on cold dreary days.

My kids absolutely enjoy this dish and I am always happy to see them consuming vegetables. An absolute all-rounder that brings joy to meal times, if you ask me.




Follow the full recipe link for the delicious Chinese dumpling soup. Also take a look at Dellilah’s fascinating blog Dellilah’s notebook, packed with great photography. You can stay up to date by following Dellilah on Twitter too!


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