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Cool Food for a Blazing Bonfire Night

If you’re planning a bonfire night bash, keep toasty with these cool recipe ideas for the perfect party.

Jacket potatoes are a favourite for bonfire night – try cook from frozen ones for a speedy snack and top with chilli con carne for a tasty tea. We have a great vegetable chilli recipe, perfect for vegetarians.

Bonfire buffets are a great option for family parties but it’s easy to waste food and let costs spiral out of control when you’re trying to get it right. Frozen buffet favourites like sausage rolls, mini sausages wrapped in frozen bacon and barbecue chicken wings are popular with old and young and help to cut down both on preparation time and cost, letting you enjoy the party. For more buffet food ideas, try here.

For a happening bonfire night bash, why not have friends back after the fireworks and let the fun carry on at
home. You’ll want something warm to come home to. Why not try a slow casserole with frozen beef, frozen diced carrots, sliced frozen mushrooms and frozen potatoes? It’s so easy to prepare – simply put all the frozen ingredients in a slow cooker with a can of stout in the morning and you’ll have a delicious stew to come home to – perfect for warming cold toes and noses.

Other great warming recipe ideas are Lancashire hot pot, luxury fish pie and the delicious sage and maple grilled pork with apples.

And last but not least, don’t forget the pudding – toffee apples are of course traditional, but for a something a little less sugary, we like a fruit crumble made with frozen mixed berries and topped with oaty crumble.

For further recipe ideas, check out our recipe pages. For further info on cooking with frozen, see our FAQs page.

Happy cooking!



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