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Christmas Day Cooking Guide to the Perfect Turkey

Follow our Christmas Day cooking guide for the perfect turkey dinner.

24th December 10:00 – Don’t forget to allow 24 hours for a 5lb to serve 8-10 people turkey to safely defrost in the fridge.

24th December 12:00 – Prepare things like cranberry sauce and bread sauce in advance to save yourself panicking tomorrow lunch time!

25th December 9:30 – Top tip cover your turkey in foil to keep the juices in and stop it from drying out.

12:15  – For a 5lb turkey, put it in now at 220°C (pre-heated conventional oven) for 30 minutes, then turn down to 170°C to be ready for dinner at 15:00

13:30 – For dinner at 15:00, you could be par-boiling your roasties now, but you don’t need to so chill out for a bit whilst they sit waiting in the freezer

13:45 – All hands to the kitchen, veg prepping time – oh wait, it’s already done for you, just relax and then pop them on according to their cooking instructions – minimum effort, maximum taste.

14:00 – For the final 30 minutes, remove the foil from your turkey and turn the temperature up to 200°C to let it turn golden brown. Put the pre-prepared roasties in the oven for a guaranteed crisp finish – no need to worry about expensive goose fat

14:20 – Time to take the parsnips out of the freezer and put them into the oven – drizzle with maple syrup if you have a sweet tooth – or go one better and get them ready glazed

14:25 – Check that your turkey is cooked by pressing a skewer against the thickest part of the leg and checking that the juices run clear.

14:30 – When you’re pleased that your turkey is cooked, re-cover with foil and leave to rest for 20 minutes before carving.

14:30 – Mix flour or corn flour with a little water to form a paste, add to the juices from the meat and stir until boiling for the perfect gravy!

14:45 – Time to get those roasties out!

14:50 – Time to carve the turkey! Always use a sharp knife and carve from the breast first for ease.

14:55 – Time to get the parsnips out and the veg on the table.

15:00 – Dinner time!!!! Tuck in and Merry Christmas everyone – using frozen meat and vegetables, a delicious Christmas feast is guaranteed without being stuck in the kitchen all day.

For more information on defrosting turkey, check out our guide on how to defrost turkey.


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